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5 Things I’m Excited About This Week

1. Duke is offering free online classes starting this fall, including one with Dan Ariely!

2. The Daily Skimm is a great little newsletter that lets you in on all the major headlines and latest water cooler talk, summed up so that you can get to the main points in just a few minutes. It’s proving to be a good companion during 5 am nursing sessions, even though it could never replace the Times!

3. The Arrested Development crew is back together again! I think this might just be a top contender for favorite TV show ever. Each character is brilliantly done. It’s all so good! So smart! So awesome.

4. Alec Baldwin has a show on WNYC called ‘Here’s the Thing’. He interviews fellow celebrities for each podcast. I like it. Jerry Seinfeld also has a web show, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. It’s kind of just him showing off his auto collection while cracking up with his friends, but Larry David comes on for an episode and there’s a soothing, unhurried tone. Like, hey, I’m super rich now, so I can just amble about driving to various diners with my buddies.

5. This easy peach cobbler recipe was both easy and delicious. Sure, it used up half the sugar in my pantry, but who doesn’t deserve a summertime treat?

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