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Why I Love Duke

My first Duke-UNC game, circa 1999ish.

by Laura

Leading up to the big game this past weekend, the Daily Tar Heel ran the “classic” 1990 column entitled “Why I Hate Duke”.  Normally, I’m open to some rivalry-inspired jabs and jibes despite my Blue Devils loyalty. Having moved over to Chapel Hill for grad school, I’ve made friends who wear a slightly lighter shade of blue, and any banter between us is generally good-natured.  I even want Carolina to have a decent season, because it’s more exciting when our match-ups could be anyone’s game for the taking.  But…this article showcased the worst side of the state vs. private school argument.

Really, UNC?  The worst thing you can say about Duke is that you had an obnoxious guide and an embarrassing moment during your college tour?  Your inferiority complex is showing, and it ain’t a good look for ya.

Now that I’m getting to witness life on the other side, I have been surprised by the population of Tar Heels who have a passionate hatred for Dookies and expect us all to be silver-spoon fed, racist, elitist, arrogant a-holes.  At Duke, we would never personalize the rivalry like that.  We respect Carolina as a fine institution and for us, it’s more about the big event than who’s in the stands cheering.

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