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Photo credit goes to indyweek.com

by Laura

Usually my food posts are despondent and whiny and mention how much better NYC restaurants are about two or ten times.  Today’s post gives us hope for a brighter day and a more sophisticated Southern palate!  Theme = we ate at Lantern.  It was awesome.

If you are New Yorker, you know that one of the trendiest places to go is one of David Chang’s Momofoku restaurants.  So, when I saw that he had given his stamp of approval to this creative Asian spot by traveling down here to host a special meal, I knew the place was legit.  Since his meals cost $150+/each, I opted for Lantern’s regular, less-pricey menu on a different night, but it did not disappoint. Continue reading

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No grade inflation at UNC

By Harold

My friend Zachary Pincus-Roth has written articles about how the list of top-grossing movies never takes inflation into account, so journalists can fall over themselves saying Twilight had the best opening weekend ever while Gone With the Wind actually sold twice as many tickets.

The same thing is happening with all these reports that Canada and the U.S. had the best Olympics ever because Canada won the most golds and the U.S. won the most medals. Well maybe we should calm down a little bit, or at least offer a little context. In fact, it was the best any two countries have done — since 2002! Continue reading


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Class with Black

By Harold

As one of the most famous residents of Chapel Hill and a UNC alum, Lewis Black comes to campus every year as part of the Carolina Comedy Festival.

This year I saw him in three different settings – a question-and-answer session with about 75 people on Friday, a workshop on comedy writing with about 20 people Saturday afternoon, and then a stand-up set in front of 800 on Saturday night. Continue reading

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Lace them up

By Harold

I think I saw the sun for 10 seconds yesterday, which means spring is eventually coming. So now is a good time to recommend Rainbow Soccer in Chapel Hill, which starts its spring season on March 1. It costs $80 to register and the season lasts 12 weeks. Continue reading

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A wine bar comes to Durham

By Harold

If there’s any last indication that wine bars are sweeping the nation, there’s now one in downtown Durham.

West End Wine Bar, which opened in Chapel Hill in 1997 (which says something about the demographics in Chapel Hill), just opened a second location in Durham’s Warehouse District. In a somewhat ironic change, the abandoned tobacco factory has given way to an even older vice, alcohol. It would be interesting if an old beer manufacturing plant in Milwaukee is replaced by a cigar bar in 100 years, though I somehow doubt it. Continue reading

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Ye Olde Waffle Shop

By Harold

Eating breakfast at home is a pretty easy way to save money. It’s relatively easy to make, the ingredients are cheap and it actually requires less effort than to fully wake up, get in the car and drive somewhere.

So that helps explain why Laura and I hadn’t made it to the popular Chapel Hill breakfast spot Ye Olde Waffle Shop. But I found the perfect reason today — the place is celebrating its 28th anniversary by offering the 1982 menu at 1982 prices. Fortunately, breakfast options haven’t really changed since I was born, so it basically meant everything on the menu was half off. If any other restaurant wants to do this, I can guarantee you will have two customers. And most likely a blog post. Continue reading

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