This Summer

Q-Shack for Harold's birthday lunch.

by Laura

This summer will have a bit of research and transcriptions and data and meetings and teaching and planning and proposals and manuscripts and grad student grunt work.

But!  But!  This summer will also have beaches and hiking…and road trips and celebrations…and my husband and friends…and travel to places both new & beloved…and pilates and yoga and dancing…and writing and blogging…and photographing and cooking…and BBQ and outdoor movies and twangy music.

Sweet potato tots - best idea ever!

It will have all the satisfaction of cleaning out that closet and hanging up some curtains and cataloging a semester of paper and finally organizing those pics. It guarantees lots of pool time and grilling and sleeping in and tank tops and just-for-fun books and neighborhood walks with the pooch. This summer will require stocking up on sunscreen. (Yippee!)

It will be blissfully lacking in hair dryers and closed-toe shoes and fussiness.  Any heat or stickiness or responsibility or reality will be no match for the good, full life ahead.

This summer will be a lucky gift.

On the agenda:  Learning to make Indian food; hoping that Lan finds a new place for her Chinese cooking class, figuring out how to use my digital camera, tasting wine at Fridays Uncorked (or grabbing drinks with a side of music at Fridays on the Front Porch), sitting in the sand in Wrightsville, renewing my pass at InsideOut, taking hip-hop at 9th Street Dance (and wishing my dear friend J was in NC to do this with me again!), checking out the Eno River trails, baking bread, making the pilgrimage to Allen & Son, stopping by Maple View to pick up some Carolina Crunch, finding time for a museum visit & some pie, hanging out on the lawn at the American Tobacco Campus, and tracking down food trucks.

Day trips: More beach time, Hanging Rock, the Whitewater Center.

Weekend trips: The usual suspects – DC, Philly, NYC.

Lengthier jaunts:  Hot Springs, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, and back. Seattle & Portland.  Where else? Where to?  =)

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